Body Treatments

Step into the world of total body rejuvenation at Ridgefield Aesthetics. Our Body Treatments page is dedicated to therapies that target the unique needs of the body, from sculpting and toning to deep relaxation and detoxification. Harnessing the latest technologies and therapeutic techniques, our treatments aim to redefine, reshape, and rejuvenate your physique, offering solutions for cellulite, loose skin, muscle toning, and more.
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PDO Threads

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are the next wave in aesthetic advancements, offering a minimally invasive technique to reverse the signs of aging and gravity. Tailored for those seeking an uplift without the scalpel, PDO threads bring immediate results and encourage natural collagen production for lasting benefits.
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In the vast landscape of aesthetic medicine, Radiesse emerges as a beacon of innovative treatment. Tailored for those who seek to reclaim their skin's youthful resilience and strength, Radiesse delivers comprehensive results that reverberate from beneath the skin's surface, addressing saggy, parchment-like textures that time introduces.
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A non-invasive treatment that uses heat to enhance collagen, diminishing cellulite, and wrinkles. Sessions last under 30 minutes, with 6-8 recommended. Ideal for targeting stubborn fat and early aging signs. Some health conditions and implants may restrict eligibility: clean skin and no jewelry required for treatment.
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Sculptra stands as a testament to the evolution of aesthetic treatments, moving beyond just skin-deep results to a holistic enhancement from within. Crafted for those aiming to restore vitality and youthfulness to sagging and lax skin, Sculptra offers natural and long-lasting outcomes.
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Smartlipo is a laser-assisted liposuction that removes fat and tightens skin in a 1-2 hour session. Results appear within a week and refine over months—minimal downtime; maintenance with regular diet and exercise.
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