Smartlipo is a laser-assisted liposuction that removes fat and tightens skin in a 1-2 hour session. Results appear within a week and refine over months—minimal downtime; maintenance with regular diet and exercise.
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Why Consider Smartlipo?

If you've been struggling with stubborn fatty areas that refuse to budge despite your best efforts with diet and exercise, Smartlipo might be the solution you've been seeking. Unlike traditional liposuction, Smartlipo uses laser technology to not only remove fat but also to tighten the surrounding skin, leading to a smoother and more contoured appearance.

What is Smartlipo?

Smartlipo is a cutting-edge medical device designed to perform laser-assisted lipolysis, commonly known as laser liposuction. With this procedure, a thin tube, housing the Smartlipo laser fiber, is delicately inserted into targeted fat reservoirs through a small incision. This laser fiber transmits thermal energy directly to the fat cells, causing them to break down. This "melted" fat is then conveniently removed with a gentle suction process. Moreover, this treatment promotes tissue coagulation around the treated zone, which assists in achieving a smoother and more defined contour.

How Does Smartlipo Work?

  • Smartlipo laser body contouring is a minimally invasive procedure designed to tackle trouble spots such as the abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, and neck, permanently eliminating fat.
  • Local anesthesia is applied, ensuring you remain conscious but comfortable during the procedure.
  • Upon inserting the Smartlipo laser fiber into your body, it ruptures the fat cell membranes, leading to permanent fat cell destruction.
  • The now liquefied fat is softly suctioned out, and thanks to Smartlipo's skin-tightening properties, patients don't need to worry about post-procedure skin sagging or dimpling.
  • With three distinct wavelengths, Smartlipo disrupts fat, coagulates blood vessels, and activates collagen, enhancing skin tightness and elasticity by up to 57%.

What to Expect During the Treatment

During your Smartlipo session, which is conducted in-office, you can expect the procedure to last between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the number and size of the targeted areas. The local anesthesia ensures you remain pain-free, although some patients describe feeling a sensation similar to light tugging or pressure.

Post-Treatment Expectations

Post-procedure, it's common to notice mild bruising and swelling. To aid the healing process and support the treated zones, patients are advised to wear a compression garment for roughly a week. Yet, most individuals can resume their normal activities in a day or two.

When Can I See the Results?

For the majority of patients, one Smartlipo treatment is all it takes to see transformative results. While initial improvements can be observed within a week post-treatment, the final results continue to refine over three to six months. As the treated area has permanently destroyed fat cells, the outcomes are enduring. Nevertheless, to ensure the longevity of these results, it's crucial to adhere to a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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Zina was amazing and very knowledgeable. You can tell that she truly cares about her patients and gives great results. She is also very gentle and sweet during the process. Would highly recommend her and will be returning. Also, the office is beautiful and clean
Excellent experience for a first timer. Was prompted to visit this facility after being gifted a Groupon. The booking and use of the coupon form of payment was very easy. Whole team was kind and informative. My Botox injections were easy and almost painless. The Doctor gave great consulting advice without making me feel like she was trying to sell me. Will definitely be back!
Kathleen Honigsberg
Dr. Turok did an excellent job at fixing uneven arm issues due to nerve damage using smart lipo.  He made sure I wasn’t in any pain during or after the procedure.  He was able to fix an issue that couldn’t be resolved any other way.  His staff goes above and beyond I recommend his help in any pain prevention or procedure.  Best doctor I have seen for pain control.  So grateful I found him.
Sara Beck
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