Why Is Skincare Important?

‍Your skin is your body's largest organ and endures a lot over the years. Safeguard your health and appearance with a proper skincare routine that tackles common skin issues and leaves you feeling beautiful. In this guide, we'll explain the importance of skincare, tips for building a good skin routine, and some of the products that will help you achieve a youthful, glowing appearance.
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Why Is Skincare Important?

What Is Skincare?

Many people believe that skincare is a faction of the beauty industry and nothing more. In reality, it contributes to both your physical appearance and your overall health. 

By understanding these skincare facts, you'll recognize how important a proper skincare routine is for your health and well-being. Taking excellent care of your skin on a daily basis not only keeps you healthy but you'll have the added benefit of looking younger.

Importance of Skincare for Face

It's crucial to care for the skin on every inch of your body, including your scalp all the way down to your feet. However, your face often has the most exposure to the elements and tends to show the signs of aging more than any other part of your body. Prioritizing skincare for face health and beauty can help you combat common signs of aging, such as:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Dark spots

It also keeps your face healthy and blemish-free. Many adults suffer from acne which not only impacts their self-esteem but can lead to scarring without proper intervention. The first thing people notice about someone new is their face, so make sure that yours leaves a good impression by developing a proper skincare routine and sticking to it daily.

How to Create a Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin is essential for good health and beauty, but how do you start? Developing a skincare routine you can stick to doesn't have to be difficult. Once you know which cleaning and hydrating products to use, you can explore your options and find one that suits your skin type.

Below are the basic components that every proper skincare routine needs.

Begin with a Facial Cleanser

Washing your face every day is crucial for eliminating pore-clogging oils, dirt, dead skin cells, and more. Opt for a facial cleanser rather than a generic bar of soap. This way, you can cater your cleanser to your skin's needs.

For example, if you have naturally oily skin, you can select an oil-free cleanser. For sensitive skin, look for a product that doesn't use any harsh chemicals or ingredients that trigger a reaction. Be careful not to scrub too hard as you lather the cleanser onto your face and rinse the product off with lukewarm water.

After cleansing your face and gently patting it dry, embark on the next step of your skincare regimen with a focus on enhancing your skin's health and appearance. At Ridgefield Aesthetics, we understand the unique needs of every individual's skin, which is why we recommend the application of a carefully selected serum as your next step.

Apply Serum

Serums are concentrated solutions that target specific skin concerns such as hydration, aging, dark spots, and more. They are packed with potent active ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver targeted results. At Ridgefield Aesthetics, we believe in the power of personalized skincare. We will guide you in choosing the best combination of serums to address your specific skin concerns, ensuring that the active ingredients work synergistically to enhance your skin's natural beauty.

Apply Cream as a Finishing Touch

Following the serum, we recommend applying a high-quality cream to lock in the benefits of the serum and add an extra layer of nourishment. Creams with active ingredients are designed to complement the effects of your serum, providing a finishing touch that helps to seal in moisture and active compounds for a lasting impact. At Ridgefield Aesthetics, we excel in creating the optimal serum and cream combinations, tailored to your skin's needs for a comprehensive and effective skincare routine.ample, an oil-free moisturizer could work best for you if you struggle with oily skin.

Sunscreen Reigns Supreme

Sun exposure, particularly the ultraviolet radiation of the sun's rays, causes up to 90% of skin cancers. Sunscreen with a high sun protection factor remains the best line of defense for the sun's damaging rays. For optimum protection against skin cancer, wrinkles, and more, make sunscreen a part of your daily skincare routine.

The amount of UV exposure your skin receives often depends on the following:

  • The type and amount of sunscreen you use.
  • Your skin type.
  • How often you reapply sunscreen.

Since fair-skinned people absorb more solar energy than those with darker complexions, they likely need a product with a higher SPF rating and should reapply the product more frequently. Protect your skin by wearing sunscreen daily, even if it's cloudy outside. Some moisturizers and makeup contain a small amount of SPF but it never hurts to supplement that with a high-quality sunscreen.

Additional Products to Enhance Your Skincare Routine

You'll have a proper skincare routine when you find a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen to use daily. However, you're not limited to those products only. Give your face extra care and attention by incorporating the following products into your skincare routine.


Using a cleanser daily leads to healthier skin by washing away dead skin cells plus dirt and oil buildup. Adding an exfoliant to the mix once or twice a week enhances your skin's appearance further. These formulas increase skin cell turnover to rid you of flaky patches and leave you with glowing, smooth skin.

If you're going to add this product to your skincare rotation, use it after cleansing your face and before moisturizing.


Do you follow a regimented skincare routine but still struggle with wrinkles or fine lines? Does the skin around your eyes appear puffy or dark, and you're not sure how to treat it? Investing in a specialized serum can provide the perfect solution for any skin issue.

Dermatologist-approved serums, like the ones available at Ridgefield Aesthetics, contain powerful, yet gentle ingredients that target common skin issues. A brightening serum safeguards your skin from sun damage and works to balance an uneven skin tone. For puffiness or dark circles around the eyes, applying an eye serum before bed helps you wake up with a rejuvenated face.

Adjusting Your Skincare Routine for the Weather

Once you develop a proper skincare routine, don't be afraid to alter it slightly based on your skin's needs. The changing seasons often bring new challenges for our skin. As a result, you might need to tweak your routine for the weather.

Check out our tips for having beautiful, healthy skin all year long.

Focus on Hydration in the Winter

The cold, windy winter months can wreak havoc on your skin. Stepping outside in these conditions, even if you're bundled up, can chap the skin on your face and lips. Staying inside isn't much easier on the skin since the heat from your furnaces can dry out your home and skin.

It's common for people to struggle with extremely dry skin throughout the winter from their heads to their toes. To combat the drying effects of winter, prioritize moisturizing the skin. This includes:

  • Switching to a hydrating scalp shampoo to fight dandruff.
  • Lathering moisturizing lotion on your arms, legs, and hands.
  • Using a moisturizing facial cleanser on top of your normal moisturizer.
  • Wearing chapstick regularly.

You might not spend as much time outside in the winter as in other parts of the year; however, you can't ditch the SPF. This should be a staple in every proper skincare routine to prevent sun damage. Opt for a lighter option in the winter compared to other times of the year.

Don't Neglect Summer Sun Protection

Summertime means relaxing vacations by the water, outdoor barbecues, bike rides, and more. The warm weather and long days provide the perfect excuse to soak up as much time in the sun as possible. Before you head outdoors to enjoy various activities, don't forget to apply sunscreen.

Keep SPF in your daily rotation of skincare products throughout the summer months. Going for a quick walk or running errands with SPF on your face will make a huge impact on your skin's health. Make sure you apply a heavy-duty sunscreen if you're planning prolonged periods in the sun and re-apply as needed.

While winter often dries out your skin, summer usually means having excess oils on your skin. If your skin is already naturally oily, you can adjust your daily routine to prevent having a shiny, oily face. Switch to an oil-free cleanser if necessary for a smoother, softer complexion.

Lifestyle Choices That Promote Better Skin

It's true that developing a proper skincare routine with cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen contributes to your appearance. However, you can safeguard your skin further by making certain lifestyle choices. When you combine the following tips with a regimented skincare routine, you'll notice remarkable improvements in your complexion.  

Minimize Stress

Do you ever experience breakouts when you're feeling stressed? Just like it can impact your energy levels, appetite, and sleeping patterns, stress has negative impacts on skin health. Try to manage your stress by prioritizing self-care with the following activities:

  • Going for walks
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Talking with a loved one
  • Listening to music
  • Meditating
  • Taking a bath to relax

Put your needs first and use a variety of self-care tips to lower your stress level. Your skin will thank you for it.

Quit Smoking

You don't have to be in the sun constantly to increase your risk of skin cancer. Research shows that smokers have a higher risk of developing squamous cell skin cancer.

Smoking directly affects your skin by decreasing the amount of blood vessels on the outer layers of your skin. This disruption in your anatomy leads to oxygen depletion and reduced blood flow. As a result, the skin appears paler and lacks the nutrients it needs.

Smokers often look older than their age due to rapid wrinkle growth. Smoking damages the skin's collagen and elastin fibers which help tighten the facial muscles and combat skin sagging and wrinkling. If you're looking to improve your skin health, quit smoking immediately and begin a proper skincare routine.  

Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

Moisturizer hydrates your skin better than any other product. However, a simple solution for dry skin is to increase your water intake. Drinking plenty of water every day hydrates your body and keeps your skin healthy.

Your diet is equally important for skin health. Choose fresh, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins and incorporate them into your diet every day. Processed foods that are greasy or high in fat not only affect your weight but also impact your skin.

Eating nutritious foods may help minimize acne breakouts so you can feel more confident in your appearance. Stay away from greasy or highly processed carbohydrates if you want soft, blemish-free skin.

Enhance Your Skin's Health at Ridgefield Aesthetics

Do you need help from the experts in building a proper skincare routine? Look no further than Ridgefield Aesthetics. We have a large selection of products and skincare services that cater to your individual needs.

Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at (203) 403-3883 to get started on your health, wellness, and beauty journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skincare

What Happens If You Don't Take Care of Your Skin?

Failing to take care of your skin can increase accelerate the signs of aging.

What Are the Three Most Important Skincare Products?

Cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen are the most important products in a proper skincare routine.

Can You Over Moisturize Your Skin?

Yes, you can put too much moisturizer on, which has adverse effects on your skin.

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